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The Simple Arcade Script lives up to its name. Installation and configuration could barely be easier. Adjust a few lines of the configuration file and your well on your way to having a very nifty little arcade up and running in no time. Simple Arcade claims to allow you to import from Mochimedia which is an extremely useful feature usually reserved for premium arcade scripts.


  • Very simple installation process is child’s play
  • Given the simplicity, very low server footprint.
  • Import games from Mochimedia
  • Manually submit a game
  • Basic advertising features (manually ad the code)


The administration is, in a word, limited. If you are going to use this script it really is a case of set and forget.


No demonstration was available that I could find, but if the screenshot is any indication, it provides your standard arcade appearance.


Doesn’t seem to include any games in the basic package. Games are available for download through Mochi and manual upload


The script is entirely free and there does not seem to be any additional add-on options available.


The Simple Arcade Script is incredibly basic and certainly there are many free scripts on the market which provide a much higher level of sophistication, capability and features. If your after a little project to fill in 5 minutes of your time and have a spare gaming oriented domain parked somewhere, then it could be an OK option.

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Demo Game Site Image - Simple Arcade Script

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August 20, 2014