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Game Site Script has been around since 2005, although it seems the script may have gone through more than one incarnation in that time. The website seems to be undergoing renovations as I write this review, so it was difficult to get a feel for the script in its current state, particularly since the demonstration site was also under construction. Even so, the script contains a number of features.


  • Supports a variety of flash games, and includes mochimedia integration.
  • Simple to use in-built advertising management system to place ads throughout the site.
  • Supports game importing via FTP, Firefox extension and transferring files from other servers.
  • Simple content management. Add, edit, disable many features of this site with ease.
  • Create custom pages to support non standard content, which can then be integrated into the template.
  • Includes link exchange system so you can promote your arcade on other arcades or similar sites.
  • Ban the IP’s addresses of known malicious users through the administration interface.
  • Comprehensive member management system
  • Upload games and their associated thumbnails via FTP and follow the included directions.
  • Includes provision for featured games, recently added games, top rated games, most played etc.
  • Inbuilt support for google analytics


I could not find a demo version of the administration panel to use. The screenshots of the admin area, if accurate, look promising enough, but obviously I can’t review screenshots.


Unfortunately, I was unable to check out a completed demo, or the administration area so it was difficult to ascertain the aesthetic qualities of the script in its native form. The demo theme, as it is, looks like a decent piece of eye candy. The features list a ‘range of themes’ as one of the features of the script but I could only check out the stock theme, and while a theme database section does exist, only the stock theme is available. The incomplete demo needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.


I could not find any information on the number of games included with the script. The variation in pricing (below) seems to provide extra licenses rather than functionality or more games. There doesn’t seem to be any option to purchase game packs.


In sheer $ terms its about middle of the road. Without knowing the number/quality of games or themes included its difficult to judge the bang for buck with this script.


It’s clear that GSS is undergoing a transition period and will be interesting to revisit this script in a few months time when, hopefully, the site has been resurrected and a functioning demo is available. Right now, its hard to make any judgment.  I have not rated performance or the administration qualities of the script.


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Saber - Leo Squeaky - Mike Caz - Don Red - Raph The first video in this series of arcade-based games is here, and what a fantastic game to start off with. A few things to note about this video though, this was more of a test than anything else, as I was still experimenting with other screen capture programs. It turned out the one I was using before was not compatible with my system and was one of the culprits (if not THE culprit) of my blue screen issues. This recording did not come without problems though. I was faced with many audio problems while attempting to get this game recorded. What you are watching here is our third attempt at this game. In the first two, the audio would cut in and out after about seven minutes, making it very difficult to watch. This recording was the best of the three, but even it had some issues, where the sound was suddenly muffed, and my own voice could barely be heard at all. I didn't realize this until about the sewer level. Not willing to send my friends through this game a fourth time, I decided to improvise and raises the in-game volume a bit, and voice over my own lines afterward. In the end, the game volume is a bit lower than I would like it to be, but at least I got something up that's workable. I hope you enjoy the video all the same.

August 20, 2015